Are you wondering how to change what's stopping you from living a life you truly desire?

Many of us are striving towards a better life, a better relationship, a better job. Consciously we might take action to achieve our goals, and yet nothing seems to be working. Most likely it is because we hold some limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind, which do not support our conscious will. Our subconscious programming has to be changed and it usually takes a lot of time and energy, which might be challenging to find in present times. But...

What if I told you that it's possible to change your life for the better in only one session?

I use a variety of healing methods to help people cope with their negative emotions and limiting subconscious beliefs. Together we create a guaranteed noticeable change already after only ONE SESSION!


Hi, I'm Karolina...

I'm the Connection Catalyst.

I'm here to help you experience deeper connection

with yourself, others and the universe.

I’m a PSYCH-K® facilitator, the Completion Process Certified Practitioner, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, The Emotion Code™ facilitator, Reiki healer, meditation guide, personal transformation coach, passionate traveller and Master of Sustainable Energy.

I’ve spent the last 5 years travelling to over 20 countries, developing myself personally and spiritually and crystalizing my learnings. My methods of working with clients are based on the knowledge and experience I gained from the workshops of people like Bruce Lipton, Teal Swan and Gregg Braden.

I also created my own Chakra Meditation Method™, which has you feel the emotions and therefore reprogram the neuro-pathways responsible for your perception, which ultimately leads to living a happier and more positive life.

When I’m not facilitating healing sessions, guiding meditations or coaching people, I enjoy learning about psychotherapy, playing or listening to music, dancing, traveling and spending time with like-minded people also on their personal development journey.



It is possible to have a healing session online through video call. I have been working with people from all over the world. Check out the video testimonials and messages I have been getting from my clients below.

'I've done a lot of personal development courses, I've been to NLP seminars, I've done hypnotherapy, I've done a lot of things... The work with Karolina was unlike anything that I've ever done before... It was very deep. It brought up repressed memories that I didn't even know were there... Coming out of it, just the clarity, the freedom I feel not only in my mind, but how I'm feeling emotionally is huge.'

The Completion Process — Jordan D.

'I couldn't really see how someone would pay me for my value, but now I see it so strongly that I've been able to get 2 different jobs that would pay me what I'm worth, which is much higher than the normal standard rate of normal position in this industry... So that was really a huge breakthrough for me!'

PSYCH-K® — Danielle F.S.

'I've been on medication for the last 4 years that helps, but doesn't fully suppress the pain... I was sceptical of it, 'cause I've never really been exposed to this world... but I gave it a shot. Honestly, I haven't felt any pain in my feet since we've done that healing... Regardless of your situation, if you get the opportunity to have a healing with Karolina, do it and commit to it, because it will be the best decision you'll ever make.'

The Completion Process — Daniel B.

'I was blown away with how deep I was able to go... into my subconscious. She was able to hold the space and guide me through the modality and get down to the root of where these beliefs were being held. After the session it was pretty remarkable. I noticed progress where there wasn't any. It was almost like I had a dirty windshield on my car and she was able to help me wipe some of that clean to where I was able to gain some clarity.'

The Completion Process — Andrew R.

'In the past month since this healing I have not experienced jealousy in the same way I used to experience it... It’s been incredible to notice the change in myself and the change in a way that I react to situations, not with jealousy!'

The Completion Process — Cree L.

'I was feeling very low and the sense of unworthiness, the feeling like I'm not good enough and I need to prove to get love...

I feel like I practically reprogrammed myself. I feel powerful and I feel worthy of just existing and I look forward to spreading this... Highly recommend it. She is epic!'

The Completion Process — Elisa C.

'Straight afterwards I felt very calm and I think I was a little bit skeptical at first and then the past few weeks totally transformed me! I've just found that my thinking has just shifted so much... You're going to feel comfortable with Karolina straight away, she radiates positive energy and she's just a beautiful person.'

PSYCH-K® — Julia T.

'I'm very happy with the outcome. Right away I felt lighter, more focused and happier... In basically 2h I cured from my biggest two challenges... Call Karolina, she has a very big heart and abilities, which will help you to cure from what you have still there to work on. I highly recommend her help!'

PSYCH-K® — Magdalena S.

'We did this PSYCH-K® method of healing on me and it ended up working really good. A couple of days later I found myself in a situation where there is high emotion, high energies and I felt calm as a kitten throughout the whole thing. So it did work, I appreciate it a lot and I highly recommend Karolina!'

 PSYCH-K® — Blake W.

'With Karolina it was very positive, very efficient - it was probably the most efficient healing sessions that I've done to date... As soon as the session was over, I actually felt immediately better... I felt immediate relief, I felt positive, and it's been affecting my relationship with my children, friends, family and definitely I see an improvement in my finances as well.'

PSYCH-K® — Janelle H.

'Things are just changing in my life... My relationship with my partner is going really well, I'm feeling lighter, brighter... The only way I can describe it as if I got a different mind! One day I was quite fearful about stuff and then within a couple of weeks I'm just so calm!'

PSYCH-K® — Sarah C.

'During the session we did a couple of

PSYCH-K® processes... It got me to a place of feeling more empowered to make decisions and focus on the things that were exciting to me and putting my energy in places where I was more lit up and I was doing more what I was passionate about, which ultimately then led to my business growing, getting a lot more customers and being more excited about the whole thing.'

PSYCH-K® — Ricky B.

'In a week I noticed the change and I was more self-confident at things at work, I was more assertive with people I work with, so it really helped me a lot... I'm really really thankful. This is my recommendation for you to take a step and try. It's really worth it!'

PSYCH-K® — Amelia K.

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If you want to have a life transforming session with me, reconnect with your true self and gain personal power to live a more fulfilling life, book a session below.

The price of 90min the session is 250 USD or 340 AUD.

Discount packages available.

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Please contact me if you are ready for transformation!

Most of my sessions are online (Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp video call or a phone call), although it is possible to meet me in person - just follow me on Instagram and check where in the world I currently reside :-)

Let us create your life full of love, joy, power and possibilities!










When we free ourselves from limiting beliefs and emotions, we are able to live a life full of unconditional love, pure joy, personal power and fulfilment.

When we free ourselves from limiting beliefs and emotions, we are able to live a life full of unconditional love, pure joy, personal power and fulfilment.

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